Do Sultanking Such a Fraud? Safe or not?

Hello betting world lovers, of course some of you are worried if we want to play in a betting web, whether the web is strong or not? Of course you must think like that right? Sometimes we feel afraid if we choose some incompetent site, and blame the site that is being played. As we know that betting is a tradition for all people, for example in Indonesian society itself, we know the game of cockfighting, which is of course gambling. It can be said that gambling can happen anywhere, even suits that use the media can be said to be gambling, but back to the principle we want where the image of the betting game is. The number of incompetent gaming sites leaves an image of some well-known sites, such as the example of a sultanking site that has been affected by fake news. Related to the matter below, I will clarify about the existence of skewed information related to the sultanking site.


Sultanking is a betting intermediary site for players domiciled in Indonesia which is forwarded to international casinos. Sultanking, which already has a license from abroad, is certainly very competent to manage betting games for its members. For those of you prospective members who hear lopsided news about sultanking sites such as examples of cheats and scams, I make sure that this is not true because all trading games have been verified by various foreign casinos such as PAGCOR, ONEGAMING, SBO, etc., which you can cross-check yourself on. sultanking site. With the license owned by an international standard sultanking site and the commitment of the sultanking to advance the recreation of Indonesian online betting, of course the slanted news can be called rumors, of course.

If you play in banking and a problem occurs, you can report it to customer service who is ready to serve you, of course, for 24 hours, the error here does not mean scam and fraud because companies as big as Apple and Microsoft also have system-related problems. The consultant is of course always at the forefront of providing the best service for customer satisfaction.