Learn The Basic Rules Of Poker

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All no stranger again with a game that one is , so are ordinary in the call with a poker. Let us peel more in again with the game cards are also issued by the site reliable SULTANKING this in detail and in accordance with the facts that exist . Game card that we call also with poker is playing on the card family which ordinary pick the rules of the betting in the ranking hand . The game of poker can be in said game cards are very popular in the market until the moment of this .

Let us know more intimate again with puz card of this , In essentially according to the reviews that can and reliable game that is called with poker first time there in the year 1377 with a pile of cards that amounts to 52 pieces of card . Then who introduced the game of cards that is a monk barasal of countries Switzerland which named John of Rheinfelden .

The game cards are in the era before it is played just for fun sabagai entertainment only , but time as running and began to evolve into a game of betting and started to be a game that is serious because there is her tournament game of poker, and the birth was puz poker professionals in the year 1850- an. What is known is that the poker game was originally called The Flying Game.

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How to Play Poker

There are some basic that should you know when playing poker together sites SULTAN KING so that you better understand about playing on the card it ‘s own , on the basis of his game of poker that you have to have a combination of cards of the most substantial in order to be a winner , the combination was a ketentukan which became the basis of of the rules of how to play poker. I will explain the combination of large to small cards in poker games :


Royal Flush: who occupy the combination of the first is a royal flush where you have to have a card 5 types of cards are the same and the card it must have a number (ace, K, Q, J, 10) the type of card it is the type that is most difficult to obtain , but most do not can be defeated

Straight Flush: Cards that have kind of the same but free in number but five cards are in sequence ( example : 2,3,4,5,6 type of card it love)

Four Of a King: with 4 numbers of the same card and one free number

Full house: 3 numbers of the same card and 2 numbers of the same card too

Flush: No need for the same or sequential numbers , the important thing is that the 5 types of cards are the same

Staight : Type card is free should anything alone but 5 cards must be consecutive digits of his

Tree of a kind : Same as full house 3 card numbers are the same but 2 cards are free no problem

Two pair: 2 pairs of the same card with 2 numbers of the same card remaining 1 free card

One pair: 1 pair of cards each and every card is another of her disheveled

High card: Card most small combination of her because not be in the combine ‘s just simply rely on cards that big into the handle


When you understand what the combination of cards and combination cards anything alone that can make you win and the possibility of defeat , when her I will discuss the basis that to two in a game of poker should you know


Call: To defend and follow the opponent’s game , for example if the opponent raises the bet and you follow it means you are calling

Fold: The words are often spoken if the card you already do not have time before the well which means you give up and put the cards to the table with the state of the card are closed

Raise: Ordinary her if the card you are pretty good and has a price , you will choose a raise which means you increase the number of bets you

All in: words that are commonplace in said if the combination of cards you are perfect and you add the amount of the bet all the chips you have on the table the

So you are now able to better understand again right some terms when playing poker. This is some thing that is fundamentally what should you know when playing poker, if you already know this all means you ‘ve been able to play a game of poker that .


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Strategy in Playing Poker

Will but there are some things that must be in to learn more so that you become a player poker professional, you should have a strategy in the game of poker if you want to be a winner . If you play merit and you only rely on luck on big cards . We are sorry I can tell you’re not a player poker true . Because on the basis of its game of poker must have a strategy that can win games or :

Strategy Aggressive : strategy first is a strategy that you have to you know is playing aggressively because the strategy is to bring victory to the player professionally, why I can say right like it because according to my strategy is the usual type of look around the table and see the movement of your opponent and you start doing raise the effect of intimidating opponents sehinggal opponent has a card good she will still fold because you’re on about having a card which is very nice of the opponents are . Ordinary in use in competition tournaments World

Strategy thief : that to two is the strategy of motion movements of a thief , why be on call with the strategy according to my strategy is to rely on the ability of instinct because you will play as like a thief that where you play relaxed , and if you get a card that is appropriate and quite nice in there you will begin to act you start to lure opponents to follow the game you , sometimes up to join the all-in opponents play , after merauk chip ( eye poker money) you straight away from the table and disappeared worthy of her as the thief and seek prey selanjut her , and regular his prior to entry into the table you should be pliant motion movements of an opponent who can you stripped all the chips it as a strategy barbaric his players the

According to me this is some of the strategies that should you pay attention and you understand sehinggal you’re not dead fleas when seeing an opponent like this and you have to play with strategy keahlikan you that the game of poker you do not lose out , because the game of poker was not just rely on luck alone but the attack strategy anything that could topple opponents




Playing Poker To Achieving victory 


When playing poker , True it is no case basis to achieve victory is absolute and you do not need to bother to think hard to win the game . What is it that can win in a poker game ? Those who can win the game of poker are :



According to me this is the key to the primary when playing poker is time to play , because the time it determines kemenganan you , I suggest you play poker maximum playing only allowed 2 hours in one day , as the professionals say that playing poker is more than 2 hours you will start distracted by the emotions you and not be able konsenstari and focus in a game of poker tersebuh so that if at the beginning of the game you win and get the results that much , you actually can spend the profits you when playing poker, even more severe more you can dispose of capital you many times as much , It’s not that you’re lucky , you’re pregnant, so I suggest playing poker for a maximum of 2 hours, whether you make a profit or return your investment, I suggest you stop. And that should be in make sure you have to have a target of capital you how you want to be able




You must be diligent to train themselves when playing poker you should be able to hold back the emotion as the terkotrol her emotions you when playing you can launch an attack with the techniques that you have so that you can be a winner in the game of poker, as many once were playing poker it quickly once disturbed mental her and is very hot so not rely on technique games even so the stone stumbling when playing poker because of the emotions that are not controlled , more severe it you play all-in continues to own abis capital contents again all in again , long time runs out dah money the result of the savings you




Poker Digital

So this I give all the history of poker, d asar play poker, strategies for playing poker and how to win in the game of poker. According to me it is quite clear to the players beginners so that you understand the game of poker, what else at the time of today ‘s game of poker has been able to play through the Internet do not need to see it directly , with no its internet you can play poker at home by using a computer or a smartphone which surely you have , because in the era now impossible if people do not have a smartphone , while the development time of moving her out of the smartphone it ‘s own .

Then it meet game of poker has evolved that used to be played using cards now screen touch that once you waiting for friends hang out in order to play together present you with easy search for an opponent in the lobby that had no opponents to play her , so no need to bother anymore to play poker, because dijaman digital era poker very grown rapidly and are playing not only complains the adults only but all categories of age , would he male male or female all be playing poker online

And I will give you tips brief that I ‘ve of articles I created this , all people can play poker, but not all of the right in the game of poker, which in the mean with the word this is all people can play poker, yap indeed all people can play poker, but not all people can win an absolute in the game of poker together SULTAN KING. Link alternative sultan king gives us a sense of new to do the deposit that can be done with digital money as an example of OVO, Gopay , Link Aja, DANA and the transfer pulse . As an agent of poker Sultan King also invite you to do a deposit via bank money transfer as an example of BCA, BNI, BRI and Mandiri.

In achieve success in poker  because you must have the experience and control themselves , because it is a key principal for the success you play poker very difficult in the doing , by reason that if you can be kept on the two that I can recognize you as puz professional when in table poker