History of Slot Games

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Introduction to slot games in the world. Slots are games that are unfortunately loved by betting players because slot games can be said to be quite simple and easy games, there is no need for practice, guessing and learning, you just sit and stare at the slot machine screen and turn the trigger or just click. This Slot online Sultanking has indeed become one of the many other betting games that are very favorite to win huge amounts of money.

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The first time slot machine games were created in the 1800s, more precisely in 1895, which was introduced in the United States where the casino is located, was created by someone named Charles Fey who was still in San Francisco. Mr. Charles has made the first slot machine to rely on 3 iron molded rolls accompanied by several card symbols that are commonly played which of course are known by the whole world. The symbol slot is named Spade, Diamond, Hears. Until now, you must know that slot games are very understandable because they are the same as card games in general.

In the era around the 1970s, slot games also developed and were very popular, so slot games were booming at that time, thus making several casino places flocking to make slot machine games on a large scale, but at that time they could not use them. technology that is developing at this time so that the process is carried out by several experts in their fields.

Chales Fey is the creator of the first slot games, at the age of 23 Charles first went to New Jersey. then he decided to travel all over the world to find his identity and finally in the 1870s, he settled in the United States which is located in the city of San Francisso, California. Charles Fey, who can be called the father of Slot, first worked at the Westren Electric Works company. Which was engaged in electrical and telephone equipment at that time. Long story short, he left his company and managed to build his own company, Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schitze and Theodore Holtz.

It is estimated that in the 1880s, Charles had the idea and made a game that could be played easily without using the help of others as referees or card dealers, or the services of people to play them, thus creating the first machine game, a betting game, the payment mechanism using a computer and move automatically created by Charles’ company named Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Scultze in 1893. After running the slot game. there are many obstacles that must be corrected and systematically revised the computer work so that it is not good in its operation

So that in 1895 a new version was created which had been modified in such a way. What is called a horseshoe so that the game can be played and wins will get coins. The machine created by Chales is starting to be liked by betting players and is very famous so that the game we call today by the name of the slot is very popular. Charles also began to get a lot of orders. To the extent that he started to open a special workshop to handle a slot machine because of the many orders and complaints in 1896. That was the golden age of a slot game. And in 1898 he began to develop and design his new slot machine which he named the Liberty Bell Slot Machineí, and the slot machine exploded all over the world. Making Charles a fairly rich and respected person at that time. so that Charles built and managed a lot of slot machines and he even made a famous casino place in the city of San Francisco, United States.

Chales is spreading his wings all over the world but from time to time slot games are made into illegal games because they are gambling games so he cannot patent his game and it is difficult to run his business in developing his slot machine so that people start flocking to make machines because it is not copyrighted.

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The development of slot games was getting bigger and wider, so that around 1902 slot games were banned or unofficial because of gambling games so that slot games could not be distributed anymore, Charles began to think ahead for the development of his business so that a game with the same type appeared but in this era this machine is not a card symbol called a fruit machine. The fruit machine game is a slot machine but, using several fruit-themed symbols and winnings are also paid not with coins but, chewing gum and candy with various flavors, after that Charles stopped innovating because he did not have a patent in making the slot and other companies make the same game.

Then a little story about why the slot logo is a bell, around 1907. A large company called Herbert Mills, located in the Chicago area, became the official legal logo which was named the Bell Operator, Then around 1908, this bell operator machine began to mass produce its machines commercially to areas around the United States. By investors, it is distributed to places selling shops, supermarkets, salons, bowling, billiards, and many more, from here the bell-shaped logo became the official logo of slot games to date.


The occurrence of the mechanics of the slot game has its own story because in 1964 there was a clothing company that was branded at that time very fashionable and trending called Bally, the company also created all history in the slot games that we now play, because the company made slot games with using electromechanics which was very modern in its time because the entire slot game was still moved in a mechanical way, namely by pulling the lever in the game machine. And making the slot game a high-class game and many influential people playing the machine so that slot games are getting more and more famous all over the world which can be called the game of the rich, because you can insert a lot of coins and immediately play the slot hundreds of times without having to pull the lever because this slot has an automatic system

Year after year, the slot game doesn’t just get stuck and doesn’t have any development, it’s a big mistake because it was estimated that in the 1976s, which was the year slots had evolved using video. Because a giant company in California, which is more precisely Kearny Mesa California, has developed a machine that is added to a tv screen and the tv has a fairly large 19-inch screen which was developed by the Fortune Coin company, because this slot game is intended for people’s consumption. People who are high class are first placed at the Las Vegas location, the Hilton Hotel.

History Recording the slot game there was a very big event in 1996 because its development was very rapid, the company began to pursue technicians to make slot games that use screens because at that time slot games that could be played were only intended by people who were rich enough to play. played the slot and was very prestigious at that time. the fact is that until now slot games are machine games that can make money all over the world because you don’t need to bother to learn and understand them because you only need coins and clicks and get wins many times over.

And was born in an era that was really fast in the development of the world of technology and digital slots into online games without having to be complicated to play slots because by playing at home you can play slots. Nowadays, slots are no longer in the form of fruit or bells, because slot games have very unique variants. For example, some are in the form of dragons, coins, animals, fruit, and many others because slots are more complex than that. because it’s not just a win getting a bell that can win, but there are many variants that can make you win a lot, in the past there were more jackpot wins but now the prizes are usually free spins, and get random results, even though you get free spins but don’t close the possibility that you do not get maximum results because your free spins get a roll that is not good enough

In the past, slot games were intended to play bets and most of those who played were adult men who wanted to get instant money or multiply the results of their work, but slot games for now are games that can be played by all ages because slot games can be played on your smart phone, why can you say all ages can play online slots, because online slot games are not only games that use real money to play but many also play free online slots, so online slot games can be enjoyed by all ages . And you don’t have to worry because in this digital era online slots don’t need to be, you play slots and spend money, because by watching ads you can get slot money for free.

This is some information about its history, introduction, to the development of online slot games to date, because of the evolution of online slots into games that are very liked by the whole world and make them the biggest betting players in the world. Because with a little capital you can get a lot of chips and become a champion in online slot games. Sultanking as website which provide best gaming for slot online, have easy way to deposit using eletric money such as OVO, GOPAY, Link Aja, DANA  and sultan king also can receive payment using local bank transfer such as BCA, BRI,BNI and MANDIRI