Getting to Know Games Slot Online 

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Mechanical games slot in the whole world.Game Slots is a game that is loved by the players gambling . game slot that could be in say a game that is quite easy and simple does not need any introduction to the fundamental ,  study game slot, you just sit and tearah destination to the screen  machine slot and rotate the trigger of his or stay click . Games slot online together Sultanking have indeed become one of the game of gambling that is very attractive in the compare game of another of his . Because the advantage is very dominant .

sultan king

The beginning of the first time the slot was created . 

The first time the game slot machine created in the 1800s that a more precise it in the year 1895 and introduced Country United States that is where the casino , which was created by someone engineering electronics that bermana Charles Fey and stay in San Francissco . Charels fey this has created a machine slot the first time priority 3 ( three ) pieces of roll mold iron that accompanied  some type – type cards are commonplace in play , of course, in the know by player card in the whole world. The types of slots are famous , Love , Spade , Diamond , Heatrs . So when this you certainly know the game of slots is certainly very easy to understand as the same as game cards in general her .

Di- years around 1970, game slot was growing and already highly favored , so the game slot was very well known at the time that , so it makes some places casino bought the game slot in large- scale, but in the days that have not been able to use the technology that develops when this so that the process of its in kerjakaan by several experts in the field of her .

Chales Fey is the creator of the first time the game slot, in the early beginning of her Charles  aged 23 years went to the city of New Jersey. then Chales decided to wander throughout penjuruh world to seek the purpose of life her and finally in the forecast 1870s, Chales settled in the State United States that derada in the city of San Francisso , California. Charles Fey bisasa at call with King Of Slots this time first he worked in the company Westren Electrik Works. Which is engaged in the field of business electricity and telephone at the time it was . A short story Chales was out of the company of her and managed to build his company Chales himself who named Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schitze and Theodore Holtz.

It is estimated that in the 1880s, Charles is memeliki ideas are bright and make a game that can  be played using without the help of another person as a referee or divider cards , or the service of people to play , so it created the game engine first a game betting mechanism is paid using the computer and move are automatically created by the company Charles were named Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Scultze in the year 1893.

After the game runs that slot . many obstacles that must be in the correct with the systematic  execution of computer was so lacking both in the system pengoprasiannya .

So that in the year 1895 was published version of the new of his who had been in the modification so good is version 2.0. Which in call horseshoe so that the game could be in play with a stable and could get a coin in a game of slots. Machines that created by Chales was started in loved by the players gambling so the games slot very well known and popular in the past it . Charles also began to get a lot of orders . so he started to open where service specifically to handle a game machine slot because many of its orders and komplenan i n the 1896’s. At that time it was the heyday of a slot game . And in the year 1898 he started to perform the evolution and design the machine new slot belonged to her that he gave the name ëLiberty Bell Slot Machineí , and machine slot it increasingly terekenal to the entire penjuruh world. Making Charles man who is very rich and respected at the time of the . so Charles was built  and manage machine slot pretty much even he made a place where casinos are well-known and quite prestigious that exist in the city of San Fransico , United States .

Chales increasingly attacked throughout penjuruh World with the creation  he will but time to time run game slot made the game illegal because  game gambling so he was not able to patent the game slot hers and a little difficult to run their business in a developing machine slot belongs to her that most people begin to crowd flocking to make the engine the same as not having rights reserved .

The development of the game slot it increasingly widespread , so that in about the year 1902 the game slot in forbidden alias is not official because the game of gambling  that game slots are not distributed anymore , Charles began thinking to the development efforts of its so came the idea of a game with the kind of the same but the machine is not a symbol cards which is called the fruit machine. Game fruit machine is puz the same with machine slots in general will however , use multiple symbol themed pieces of fruit and the result of the victory of her also pay not with coins melain kan , chewing gum and candy with flavors vary , After that Charles stop innovating because it does not have a patent in the manufacture of these slots and other companies make the same game .

Then a little story about the logo bells became the icon slots because , at around the 1907’s.  Companies are pretty big named Herbert Mills are located in the city of Chicago behasil be a logo official were legal in gave the name of Operator Bell, Then in about 1908, the machine operator the bell ‘s started producing mass- engine its basis comersial to the area around the United States . By investors in sebarkankan to place vending shops, supermarket, salon, bowling, billiards , and various kinds of places other , from the beginning is where why logo shaped bell became the logo official of the game slots.

sultan king


Evolution of a slot game system

The mechanical game of slots that have a story for the years 1964- early there is a company  of clothing which branded the very famous named bally, the company that it was started to create all the history in the game slot. because the company that makes the game slot by using a system of electromechanical that is very modern in its time because the whole game slot was still in motion by means of mechanical , ie the way you have to pull the lever that exist in the game machine such . And make the game slot it is a game of luxury and a lot of the people rich playing the machine such that the game slot increasingly well known throughout penjuruh world who can in say a game of the rich, because you can insert a lot of coins and directly play the slot hundreds – hundreds of times without need to draw lever .

Seasons change and the years pass game slot it does not stop innovating so , it was one big  because in the estimate in the 1976’s who where in the slot has evolved using screen video. Because a company giant in California are more precisely its Kearny Mesa California that has developed the evolution of the engine that add a screen tv and the tv it has a screen which is quite large 19 -inch that developed by the company Fortune Coin, because playing on the slot is at aimed for consumption the person who kekaya be the first time in the place to be at the location of the Las Vegas Hilton.

History Recording on game slots are sebuat events are very grand in the year 1996  because of development it is quite very rapidly , the company began pursuing the technician  to make a game slot that uses the screen because at the time it was a game slot that can be played only on the designation by the person who is quite wealthy to play slots such and highly coveted once in the past it . the fact that up to the time this game slot is a game machine that can menghasilka money in the whole world because you do not need a headache to understand her because you only capital coin and click and get the victory many times fold .

And was born in a really fast era in the development of the world of technology and digital slots into online games without having to worry about playing slots because by playing at your favorite place ,  you can play slots. In the era now slots are already not shaped fruit again or bells , because the game slot that has a character that is very unique at all . As an example of her there is the form of coin, dragon , fruit , animals , and masi many others of her because of the the slot increasingly diverse . because it is not only a victory to get the bells that can win , but many variants that can make you win over a lot , the time of first over a lot of jackpot wins her but now presents its usual her free spin, and get a result that is random, although you get a free spin but not close the possibility that you do not get the results that the maximum because of free spins you get a roll which is quite less satisfied

In the era of the year 1800 – 1900’s game slot it in the allotment to play bets and most of the play is male – male adult who wants to get the results of money with fast  or folded to duplicate the results of the work he is , but the game of slots for the moment this is a game that could be in played by all ages because the game slots could be at play dismartphone you , why can in saying all ages can play online slots, because the game of online slots is not just a game that uses real money ( original ) to play , but many also play slots online for free, so that play online slots can be in each of all ages . And you do not need kwatir because in the era of digital so rapidly these online slots do not have to , you you play slots expend money alias free (gratis), because by watching ads only you can get the money slot is free.

This is the most substantial of a game slot from era to era so the popularity it not been  by time and era , because the more days of growing the game slot also began to follow its development so that the game slot will always be a game that is very attractive at a time when the game another pretty saturated . Playing online slots along with sites sultanking is very precise and can provide value -added because of the way the deposit is done in a way that is very easy that is by a system of money electronically as an example of e money, OVO, GOPAY, DANA, LINK AJA and also can be done via transfer via inter- bank BCA, MANDIRI, BNI and BRI.