Methods of Placing an Online Soccer Gambling Sportsbook Bet

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Hi friends, this time SULTANKING wants to review and share a few data tips with all of you who like to play at the Sbobet Gambling Online Soccer Agent. It could be that all of you already know what games are on Sbobet. But do you also know all the uses of the menu contained in the Sbobet Agent like SULTANKING ? or do you understand how to read the market and kei in each race in the sportsbook?

To make it easier to understand, we have provided screen shot images of online gambling bets on Sbobet that you can understand the next day. Starting with the Red Box color on the top right, you can see the amount of credit or coins that are in your account. As a memo, making credit in an online soccer account is 1: 1000, which means if your credit is 100 = Rp. 100,000,-. So from that for you newcomers or first time playing online soccer gambling, ask to pay attention to the nominal amount of the companion before you verify your bet.


Menu Description in Sportsbook


My Bets : In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed. If you are unsure or don’t remember your bet, you can look for it in the My Bets menu.


Statement or Information : In this menu you can view the history information of your partner who has ended, you can check the race that you bet on was successful or lost, and in the statement menu you can view business history up to 1 week later.


Balance or Preferences: In this menu you can divide the total or the number of failures or the number of wins you have played since the first time you joined and played at the Sbobet Agent


Announcements or Notifications: Create the last menu, you can see information or events that allow the online soccer betting boss to delete your partner or your ongoing bet. This is because when you gamble in a competition there is a problem with unfavorable weather conditions, or there is chaos in the square, therefore information will be conveyed through this menu.


Methods of reading the Online Football Gambling Market


Now go to the method of reading the online soccer gambling market. To read the market or odds or even Kei we have provided an old green box with a red arrow and also an orange box with an orange arrow feature. Starting from the red arrow feature, in this menu you only play or gamble only one session, or the competition runs 45 minutes early for a soccer match.




Handicap is a term in online soccer betting. The meaning of the speech designation is to give a profit at the beginning before the competition begins. With the initial advantage, of course you all will easily win every game or bet that is available.


Some of you of course have not understood it with the meaning of the description above. To clarify the meaning above, we will describe it by citing the illustration of the Champions Alliance match, namely between Slavia Prague Vs Inter MIlan. The competition only took place a few days ago, to be exact on November 28, 2019 at the Sinobo Ambang Stadium.


You all know that Inter Milan is one of the giant clubs in the Italian Alliance. Especially at this time, Inter Milan has been taught by Antonio Conte. On the other hand, Slavia Prague is an ordinary club whose history has never been heard at the international level. This is a competition that can be said to be easy to predict who will win in this competition. Until then, before the competition, the online soccer gambling industry decides the handicap on that bet. To whom was the handicap given? real, make the host position. if it can be said that the host Slavia Prague gains profit, it is in Voor or Fur by Inter Milan.


Make Voor share certain reach energy here. Because, before the race started, Slavia Prague had indirectly succeeded. You imagine, if this match did not have a handicap in betting, of course you would all choose Inter Milan. Right?


Description of the market in online betting


HDP Session 1: 0. 0, meaning the market submitted by the Online Soccer Agent which means there are no teams that distribute Voor.

Home or 1: you can look at the 1 X 2 menu, now for this bet you can simply choose Home or Draw or Away, or 1 or X or 2, If you choose Very high Odds is 3.45 until you mean bet Home wins which meaning if you gamble Rp 100,000 for Home until if you succeed in making a Payout you get Rp 345,000 which is Rp 100,000 is your capital + Rp 245,000 your winnings


Draw or X: But if you select Odds 3. 10 means that you are gambling for the competition, Draw or Draw, if you gamble Rp. 100,000 for Draw until if you succeed in making Payout you get Rp. 310,000 which is Rp. 100,000 is your capital + IDR 210,000 your winnings


Away or 2: if you select Odds 2. 06 Until you gamble for Team Away succeeds, if you gamble IDR 100,000 for Away until if you succeed in making Payout you get IDR 206,000 which is RP 100,000 is your capital + IDR 106,000 Your win


Top or Bottom: is a menu you can bet on for the number of wins in the match. Top or bottom, how to make sure you reach the top or also make sure that the race has a basic winning number?, you can look at the blue value of 1.0 and the blue value of 1-1 5 for the 1st session, which means the boss opens markets 1 (one) and 1-1. 5 (One Quarter) for you to choose. If you pick 1 then the number of wins in the first half of 2 is successful so you will win Full, but if in the initial session there is only one success, then your partner is a draw (your bet is reversed) Another case if you choose, if you choose 1-1. 5 then the number of successes in the initial 2 is successful until it will be full, but if in the initial session there is only one success, then your partner will lose half.


Illustration of the method of reading Fur– Furan handicap in online Gambling Soccer


Make a red start is a bet that is played in full time, which is 2 x 45 minutes in soccer.


Illustration of a handciap competition between Melbourne Victory Vs Perth Glory, the boss distributes 3 markets consisting of: 0. 0, 0- 0.5 (Home), 0- 0.5 (Away).


In the illustration of the race 3 different markets are:

0. 0 = For the two teams there is no Voor or commonly called Lek Lekan

0- 0.5( Home) = Voor Quarter Goal, which means at least Melbourne Victory must win one success if you want to win in full, but if the final score is equal then you will only lose half.

0- 0.5 (away) = Voor Quarter Goal Away which distributes Voor, which means at least Perth Glory must win one success if you want to win fully, but if the final score is equal, you will only lose half.


Under( Top & Base)


Over Market Under

The type of over-under bet, is a bet that instructs us to guess, whether the number of successful matches at that time exceeds (over) or (under) is less than the handicap number. The next day, every match will have a handicap (Voor), so we just combine it with the type of bet.


Method of Over Reading the Under (On the Basis) Market



For games Over or Under (Top or Bottom) the bookie also distributes at least 2 markets or 3 different markets, Illustrations: 3. 0, 3- 3. 5, 2. 5- 3.

Next is the description of the numbers that we have mentioned for the game Overkill & Under:

3. 0 = if you set for overkill until the total number of goals from the results of this competition is a minimum of 4 goals, if you want to be successful in full. But if the number of successes is only 3 goals, then your bet number is a draw, but if the number of successes that are realized is only 2 goals, then you will lose.


3- 3.5 = meaning the boss opens the market 3 quarters, meaning that if the number of wins in this match is only 3 goals so you will lose half of your bet amount. But if the number of successes in this competition is more than 3 goals, then it can be determined that you are the one who succeeds if you gamble too much.

2. 5-3= For this market it can be said to be very small, because the betting boss only opens the market for Over 2 3 quarter. Which means if the number of wins in this match is 3 goals, then you are still winning half of your bet number, but if the number of wins in this match is only 2 goals, then you will face failure in full in your bet.


Odd Even(Odd Even)

Make Bet Type Odd(Odd) and Even (Even) This is very well known among the current online gambling players. Why can it be said like that? Because, this type of bet can be considered special and also profitable. how does the method actually work?


For those of you newcomers to the world of online soccer gambling who don’t know how it works, we want to explain it in detail. The system is very easy, you just need to guess the final result of the match. Is the final result even or odd.


For this bet there is no time barometer, because this will refer to 2 X 45 Minutes Moreover, injury time is also being calculated. so, when the arbiter has blown the final duration of the race. so, that’s the result of this odd even bet type. If tomorrow the results have been received, until you settle down you add up the total. Make sure the conclusion is whether the result is odd or even.


If the result of the game is 0–0 then it will be even. in this game there is no series. Who just surrendered or succeeded.




A kind of race between Slavia Prague Vs Inter Milan which is some time later. The race ended with Slavia Prague 1-1 3 Inter Milan. Now for that, the totality of the successes is totaled until the result is 1 + 3 = 4 (Even or Even).


Reliable Guide:


Don’t ever underestimate Team Under Dog. Indeed, they were defeated on paper by numbers, but it is not certain that in the bet he would lose, always compared to Voor- Vooran with the existing kei. If there is a big Fur or kei jump, then we can choose the market.


Claim Winning prize


If you place a bet or gamble and succeed, then automatically the difference in your game ID will increase, no need to bother dividing your winnings with a calculator. If you want to enjoy it then you can visit Customer Service and make withdrawals or withdrawals, to make deposits or withdrawals of course you can also do it yourself. To make a withdrawal, the difference in your installment will be withdrawn according to the nominal you want to withdraw, the agent will send a part of the installment to the account that you have recorded on webSULTANKING.


Hopefully this guidance from SULTANKING can help you in mastering each menu and method of making online bets, single games or online and 1 x 2 mixed soccer sbobet games.


If you are undecided how to get a game ID to play online bets on the SULTANKING sbobet agent website or how to bet on sbobet in a complete way from each game, we recommend asking SULTANKING Customer Service if you don’t understand it.